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Welcome to Harfields Military Figures homepage, where you will find details of our extensive range of plastic toy soldiers, armoured fighting vehicles, buildings and accessories etc. in many scales. Please click on 'Catalogue' tab above for full details.

We also stock books and magazines, and we have a huge selection of rare and out of production figures and kits which is constantly being enlarged.
25 April
Zvezda 1/72 German Headquarters Staff 1939-42
15 April
Perry Miniatures 28mm Agincourt Foot Knights 1415-1429
Perry Miniatures 28mm Agincourt French Infantry 1415
Perry Miniatures 28mm British Infantry Afghanistan/Sudan 1877-85
Plastic Soldier 1/72 German PAK 40 with Tractor
Plastic Soldier 15mm British Paratroopers 1944-45
Plastic Soldier 15mm German PAK 40 with Tractor
Revell 1/35 ANZAC Infantry 1915
Victrix 28mm French Artillery 1804-12
11 April
Orion 1/72 USA Tank Crew, Summer Dress
RedBox 1/72 Osman Akinci (Set 1)
RedBox 1/72 Osman Akinci (Set 2)
Zvezda 1/144 Soviet Fighter I-16
Zvezda 1/144 Soviet Fighter LA - 5FN
8 April
Javis Desert Zone Battle Mat
Javis Field Zone Battle Mat 1200mm x 600mm
Javis Urban Zone Battle Mat 1200mm x 600mm
Javis 28mm Straight Damaged Wall
7 April
First To Fight 1/72 Polish Praga RV Troop Truck
RedBox 1/72 English Sailors
RedBox 1/72 English Sailors Artillery
RedBox 1/72 English Sailors in Battle
RedBox 1/72 European Light Cavalry (Set 1)
RedBox 1/72 European Light Cavalry (Set 2)
RedBox 1/72 European Mounted Men At Arms
RedBox 1/72 Osman Eyalet Infantry
RedBox 1/72 Osman Yeniceri Infantry
RedBox 1/72 Samurai Artillery (Set 1)
RedBox 1/72 Samurai Artillery (Set 2)
RedBox 1/72 Turkish Sailors
RedBox 1/72 Turkish Sailors Artillery
RedBox 1/72 Turkish Sailors in Battle

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