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11 December
Italeri 1/72 German Panzer IV SD.KFZ. 161 AUSF. F1/F2
RedBox 1/72 Landsknechts, Halberdiers
RedBox 1/72 Landsknechts, Pikemen
RedBox 1/72 Landsknechts, Sword / Arquebus
RedBox 1/72 Swiss Infantry
5 December
Dark and Light Alliance 1/72 Half-Orcs Set 1
Dark and Light Alliance 1/72 Half-Orcs Set 3
Zvezda 1/72 Soviet Militia 1941
Zvezda 1/72 US 'Browning' Machine-gun with Crew
23 November
Dark and Light Alliance 1/72 Dwarves - Set 2
Mars 1/72 Early Mycenaean Infantry
20 November
First To Fight 1/72 German Headquarters Staff 1939
Wargames Factory 28mm Colonial Militia
Zvezda 1/72 Soviet Frontier Guards 1941

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