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We also stock books and magazines, and we have a huge selection of rare and out of production figures and kits which is constantly being enlarged.
11 November
Waterloo 1815 1/72 French Line Lancers 1811-15
2 November
First To Fight 1/72 Polish Praga RV Truck
26 October
RedBox 1/72 Battlefield Accessory Set, 16-17 Century
RedBox 1/72 Irish Mounted Troops
RedBox 1/72 Jinetes Set 1
RedBox 1/72 Jinetes Set 2
RedBox 1/72 Stradioti Set 1
RedBox 1/72 Stradioti Set 2
Strelets 1/72 Japanese Imperial Airborne Troops
Strelets 1/72 Republican Roman Legion (Ceremonial March)
Strelets 1/72 Republican Roman Legion Ranks
Strelets 1/72 Roman Imperial Legion (Ceremonial March)
Strelets 1/72 Roman Imperial Legion Ranks
Strelets 1/72 Roman Senate 1
Strelets 1/72 Tecumseh (Native Americans)
Strelets 1/72 WWII Early American Soldiers
Strelets 1/72 WWII Union of South Africa

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