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Welcome to Harfields Military Figures homepage, where you will find details of our extensive range of plastic toy soldiers, armoured fighting vehicles, buildings and accessories etc. in many scales. Please click on 'Catalogue' tab above for full details.

We also stock books and magazines, and we have a huge selection of rare and out of production figures and kits which is constantly being enlarged.
21 January
Caesar 1/72 Lizardmen Warriors
Caesar 1/72 Modern Zombies
Caesar 1/72 Ratmen
Caesar 1/72 Undead Zombies
Plastic Soldier 15mm Late War British Infantry 1944-45
16 January
Airfix 1/72 D-Day Operation Overlord Sea Assault
Italeri 1/72 Battle of the Bulge
Perry Miniatures 28mm The English Army 1415-1429
Plastic Soldier 15mm British 6 pdr Anti-Tank Gun & Loyd Carrier Tow
Plastic Soldier 15mm German Panzer 38(T) + Marder Variants
Renedra 20 Bases 45mm x 20mm
Renedra 8 Round 60mm Bases
Victrix 28mm Greek Peltists, Javelin Men & Slingers
Victrix 28mm Greek Unarmoured Hoplites & Archers
Victrix 28mm Rome's Italian Allied Legion
Victrix 28mm Rome's Legions of the Republic - Set 1
Victrix 28mm Rome's Legions of the Republic - Set 2
Zvezda 1/144 British Light Bomber 'Fairey Battle'
Zvezda 1/144 German Henschel HS 126B Reconnaissance Plane
Zvezda 1/200 Soviet High Speed Bomber SB-2
12 January
Armourfast 1/72 Soviet SU-100
Dark and Light Alliance 1/72 Warg Half-Orcs
First To Fight 1/72 Polish Infantry 1939
Italeri 1/72 German Panther Tank PZ.KPFW V AUSF G
Zvezda 1/72 Soviet Tank Destroyer ISA-152

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