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18 July
Ultima Ratio 1/72 Mujahidin - Taliban - Al Qaeda
2 July
Airfix 1/72 D-Day Air Assault
Airfix 1/72 D-Day Coastal Defence Fort
Airfix 1/72 D-Day Gun Emplacement
Airfix 1/72 D-Day Sea Assault
Emhar 1/35 British MK IV 'Female' Tank
Emhar 1/35 British MK IV 'Male' Tank
Emhar 1/35 British MK IV 'Tadpole' Tank
Emhar 1/35 British MK V Heavy Tank
Emhar 1/35 MK A 'Whippet' Medium Tank
Javis 1/100 Corner Trench Sections
Javis 1/100 Straight Trench Sections
Revell 1/72 British 8th Army
Revell 1/72 German Afrika Korps
Strelets 1/72 Roman Transport (Set 1)
Zvezda 1/350 Soviet Armoured Boat
Zvezda 1/72 German Infantry
29 June
Emhar 1/35 American Infantry 'Doughboys'
Emhar 1/72 British Infantry, Peninsular War
Emhar 1/72 British Mk IV 'Tadpole' Tank
Emhar 1/72 French Infantry, Peninsular War
Emhar 1/72 Portuguese Infantry and Cazadores, Peninsular War
Emhar 1/72 Spanish Infantry, Peninsular War
Zvezda 1/200 German Bomber Junkers JU-88
Zvezda 1/72 Soviet Ski Troops

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