Plastic Soldier
1/72 Scale
Figure Sets(Click on item name for full details and picture)
Code Name Price
PS72001 Russian Infantry in Summer Uniform £10.35
PS72002 Late War British Infantry 1944-45 £10.35
PS72003 Late War German Infantry £10.35
PS72004 Russian Infantry Heavy Weapons £10.35
PS72005 Late War German Infantry Heavy Weapons £12.20
PS72006 Late War US Infantry £10.35
PS72007 US Infantry Heavy Weapons £12.20
PSV7221 German Tank Commanders & Stowage £12.20
Easy Assembly Kits(Click on item name for full details and picture)
Code Name Price
PSG7201 Russian Anti Tank Guns £11.75
PSG7202 Russian ZIS 2 & 3 Gun £12.20
PSG7203 German PAK38 Anti Tank Guns £12.20
PSG7204 British 6pdr Anti-Tank Gun & Loyd Carrier Tow £13.95
PSV7201 Russian T34 76/85 Tank £13.95
PSV7202 German Panzer IV £13.95
PSV7203 German Halftrack SDKFZ 251/C £14.95
PSV7204 Allied M4A1 Sherman Tanks £13.95
PSV7205 Allied M4A1 76mm Wet Stowage Sherman Tanks £13.95
PSV7206 German SDKFZ 251/D Halftrack £12.95
PSV7207 British Universal Carrier £12.95
PSV7208 German Stug III Ausf G Assault Gun £13.95
PSV7209 Russian T70 Tank £12.95
PSV7210 German Panzer III Ausf G & H £13.95
PSV7211 German Panther AUSF A With Zimmerit £13.95
PSV7212 Allied M3 Halftrack £13.95
PSV7213 Allied M5 Halftrack £13.95
PSV7214 Allied Stuart M5A1 Tank £13.95
PSV7215 Sherman M4A4 Firefly £13.95
PSV7217 British Churchill Tank £13.95
PSV7218 German Panzer III Ausf J, L, M, N £13.95
PSV7219 German Panzer 38T & Marder Options £15.95
PSV7222 German SDKFZ 250 'Alte' Halftrack £14.95
Painted Buildings(Click on item name for full details and picture)
Code Name Price
4G201 French Farmhouse £46.75
4G204 Granary £29.75
4G205 Threshing Barn £29.75
4G206 Lean-to Dairy or Toolshed £7.25
4G208 Straight Stone Wall Sections £9.00
4G209 Short Stone Walls & Gates £11.75
4G210 Ruined Stone Wall Sections £8.25

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